Characteristics of Euphrates Tree (Populus euphratica) in the Wild

Populus euphratica
The Euphrates are species of trees that grow in the desert and belong to the willow tree family, just like Babylon willow (Salix babylonica).

The Euphrates has a very broad range, they grow naturally from North Africa, across the Middle East and Central Asia to western China. The tree can be found in dry forests at an altitude of up to 4,000 m above sea level.

This tree plays an important role in ecosystems in floodplains, along river valleys in arid and semiarid regions. Euphrates trees grow well in damp, seasonal waterlogged soil, they are also tolerant of salt and brackish water.


Characteristics of Euphrates Leaf

Populus euphratica Leaf
Source : Medina

The leaves vary greatly, depending on where they grow. The shape starts from oval to long.


Characteristics of Euphrates Flower

Populus euphratica Flower
Source :

Male flowers have a length of 25-50 mm and female flowers 50-70 mm.


Characteristics of Euphrates Fruit

Populus euphratica Fruit
Source :

The fruit is ovoid-lanceolate capsules, 7-12 mm long, and contains small seeds covered in fine hair.


Characteristics of the Euphrates Tree

Populus euphratica Tree
Source : Chenovsky

The Euphrates are medium-sized trees that can grow as high as about 15 meters and a maximum trunk diameter of 2.5 meters.

The trunk often grows curves and many branches. The old trunk has thick and rough bark. While the roots are widespread, but not deep.

The Euphrates is often used by their wood for paper making. This is also used in greening programs and dealing with erosion in desert areas.


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