Make a Beautiful Bonsai in 6 Months!

Make a Beautiful Bonsai in 6 Months
May 2021, was exactly six months when I planted the cuttings of the paper flower tree (Bougainvillea glabra). I got this cut from the tree cuttings, which at that time the owner of the garden was cleaning and leaving it to be burned.

Immediately I asked him to bring it home, and the owner of the garden gave it (in November 2020). I didn’t see much, only a few pieces of the trunk the size of an adult man’s arm and others with small branches.


Bougainvillea Tree Trunk
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Next, I trim the stems and plan to plant them the next day.


Planting Bougainvillea Stems
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After I planted the stems using garden soil without any mixture, within 1 week the leaf buds appeared. And, two months passed, to be precise in January 2021 the leaves had begun to grow and the roots that had reached the bottom of the pot were a sign that their growth was very good.

At that time, I immediately thought of a form for the future. My idea was for a sloping planting model which is a very popular style used in upright trunk bonsai.

In February 2021, I finally moved the tree into a bonsai pot, trimmed all of its leaves, and planted it as planned.


Change The Planting Position
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It didn’t take long, in April 2021, the tree was showing signs of growth as a bonsai with dense, dwarf green foliage, and the most important thing was that the flowers began to appear signs that they matched the soil I was using, namely garden soil without mixture.


Starting To Look Like A Bonsai
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It paid off, the hard work I did for six months caring for him. In May 2021, the tree gives rise to many very beautiful flowers.


The Final Result
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The photo above is still not in full bloom, many flower buds that have not yet bloomed are still appearing on the sides of the leaf buds. Perhaps, late May or early June they will be in full bloom.

That’s my personal story to make beautiful bonsai in 6 months. I know this is not a complex bonsai-like most of the bonsai that go on the exhibition table. But, for me, this is more than enough to decorate the terrace of the house.

Are you interested in making bonsai?

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2021 :

Bougenville Bonsai
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