How to Plant Carandas Plum Seeds (Carissa carandas)

Carandas Plum
Carandas plum (Carissa carandas) is a species of the genus Carissa, native to tropical regions of Africa, Australia, and Asia. It is closely related to the Christmas plum (Carissa macrocarpa).

This tree, which is famous for the benefits of its ripe fruit that can treat canker sores, is often sought after because the tree has many functions.

If you intend to cultivate this tree, it is very easy. You can plant the seeds like chili peppers, and they will germinate in no time. However, the growth of Carandas plum sprouts slowed in the first year.

What are the steps for planting or cultivating a Carandas plum tree? Here’s the guide:


1. Prepare the ripe Carandas plums on the tree. Its characteristics are purple-black or black fruit.

Ripe Carandas Plums

2. Gently press the fruit with your finger to remove the seeds.


3. Take the seeds then wash them thoroughly and don’t leave any flesh behind.

Take Carandas Plum Seeds

4. Dry the washed seeds for one full day under the hot sun.


5. The next day, plant the seeds in polybags or seedling trays with a planting medium of a mixture of soil and rice husks (3:1). There is no need to provide humus or fertile soil because Carandas plum is easier to grow in ordinary soil, while rice husks are only for loosening the soil.

FYI: Carandas plum seeds can also be planted in just plain garden soil or backyard soil.


6. Place the seedling tray or polybag in a place exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. Carandas plum seeds are very tough, they germinate easier and faster in the sun. Water them only when the soil starts to dry out, maybe once every 1-2 days.


7. Within 14-21 days the seeds will germinate.

Carandas Plum Germinated

IMPORTANT: Carandas plums are sun-loving trees, so their new sprouts won’t die even if they are in the sun all day. If placed in a shady and damp place, growth becomes less fertile.


8. Lastly is to maintain it consistently. Transfer the sprouts that already have 20-30 leaves to a larger pot or polybag (you can also plant it directly into the field). The bigger the container, the faster it will grow.

Planting Carandas Plum

That’s how to plant Carandas plum seeds, you can cultivate them in the above way.


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