How to Find Out the Name of a Tree from a Photo with Google Lens

How to Find Out the Name of a Tree from a Photo with Google Lens

Can we find out the name of a tree just from its photo? The answer is YES!

By using Google’s sophisticated application called Google Lens, you can find out the name of a tree just from a photo or picture, especially more specific photos such as flowers and fruit will be easier to know.

Since its launch in 2017, Google Lens has become one of the Names of Tree favorite AI-powered apps. By using a cellphone camera and deep machine learning, Google Lens can translate text, help identify plants, and find answers to equations. Very cool, right?

The Google Lens application itself can be downloaded from Playstore on Android phones, App Store for iOS users, or via the official website at


Talking about applications, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. So, below we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Google Lens application.


  • Free.
  • Easy to use.
  • High level of accuracy.
  • Can detect various objects other than flowers and fruit (including: translating text, searching for similar products, and answering study questions).
  • Can be used directly to detect objects from the Google Lens camera without having to save a photo of the object first.


  • Requires internet connection.
  • Cannot detect poor/blurred images.
  • Cannot detect flower/fruit names accurately if the object background has a matching color.
  • It is not very accurate to detect the name of a plant just from a photo of its leaves.
  • Cannot detect less popular plant names, for example: cultivars, varieties, or hybrids.

With this great application, you don’t need to bother asking social media groups or someone who is a plant expert. With just Google Lens, you can find out the name of a tree from its photo in seconds on your phone.

Below we have attached the procedure for using Google Lens to detect the name of a tree from a photo of its flowers.

Google Lens

As a result, the answer from Google Lens is 100% correct!


To get maximum answers, make sure to take photos with the following tips:

  • Photos during the day (at night you can use bright lighting).
  • Find the right lighting angle/no glare.
  • Use a background with a basic color (white or black). Take photos with the focus feature to get details of the object.

The better the photo you capture, the more likely it is for Google Lens to recognize it. That’s how to find out the name of a tree from its photo.

After you read this article, you probably fully understand the benefits and how to use Google Lens. So, don’t forget to share this post with friends and relatives.

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