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9 Benefits of Planting Trees for Ourselves and Our Descendants Later

Planting Trees
The benefits of planting trees may not be felt immediately in a short time. But this business will be very useful for our children and grandchildren in the future, so that they can grow in an environment with clean air and free from disease.

There are many benefits to planting trees, from cleaning the air to relieving stress. Here are 9 benefits of planting trees.


1. Make the air fresher

Trees are air filters on earth. With leaves and stems, trees absorb gases and harmful components in the air and then release oxygen, thus helping us to breathe. In big cities, trees usually also absorb pollution gases produced by vehicles such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide. Also, dust and other smoke will be removed by him.

2. Maintain mental health

Living in a shady area and lots of trees, good for mental health. Getting closer to nature can also improve cognitive abilities and reduce stress.

3. Reducing UV exposure to the skin

In tropical countries with abundant sun exposure, there is one risk that also increases, namely high exposure to ultraviolet light. If exposure to these rays continuously illuminates the skin, it can increase the risk of skin cancer. Trees can reduce UVB exposure by 50% and reduce our risk of being negatively affected by these rays.

4. Reducing the impact of climate change

Impact of Climate Change
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One of the causes of climate change is the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Trees can significantly reduce their levels and release oxygen into the air so that in addition to preventing climate change, in other words, trees also actually help us survive.

5. Prevent water pollution

When it rains or storms, water that falls to earth risks carrying pollutants in the form of phosphorus and nitrogen. If there are no trees, the pollutants will flow directly into the sea without filtering. Meanwhile, if a lot of trees are planted, the rainwater that drops will be filtered and able to seep into the ground. That way, he won’t pollute the sea.

6. Increase groundwater reserves

Trees can protect water that is stored in the ground so it doesn’t evaporate too quickly. Thus, our groundwater reserves can be maintained. Also, trees only need 15 gallons of water to survive every week, but can help produce 200-450 gallons of water per day.

7. Maintain the population of living things

One tree trunk, can be home to tens or even hundreds of species of living things ranging from birds, insects, reptiles, fungi, and including other plants. Without trees, various living creatures will lose their homes.

8. Prevent flooding

Lately, news about flood always decorates the screen. Many people have been affected by this disaster, and have lost their belongings. So, flood prevention measures need to be done from now on. Preventing flooding is our responsibility. We can start with simple steps such as not littering and starting to plant trees, at least in your yard. Also, it was mentioned that planting trees in riverbanks can reduce flood water levels by up to 20 percent.

9. Prevents soil erosion

Tree Prevent Soil Erosion
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What happens if the soil erodes? Landslides will appear. Because, on arid and airless land without trees, heavy rain can put enormous pressure directly on the bottom. If there are trees, then the pressure from the heavy rain can be filtered. As a result, the pressure is reduced when it reaches the ground. Thus, the risk of landslides is also low.

There are many benefits of planting trees that can be obtained both in the short and long term. Don’t wait for mass planting. This positive activity can be started from the environment where we live by planting a tree first. If it is done routinely, then without being felt we have contributed to the environment which eventually becomes more shady, beautiful, and healthier, for our families and the environment around us.

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